Friday, March 16, 2012

My blog has moved!

I have decided to move my blog to Wordpress due the nicer designs (though it is annoying that you can't adjust the font). Here is my new address: I hope my followers here will join me at the new site and continue to follow me there. Happy Friday all!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Place to Live and 100 Greatest Books for Kids

We had gone last weekend to look at new rental properties after our last choice, a condo in North Phoenix had fallen through, due to the size of our dog. We had looked at a small house near North Central Phoenix and thought it was cute and very convenient to work. So we put in an application for it. We got word yesterday that we got the house and so we are trying to move in this weekend! After 10 months of living with my parents, I am very ready to move out and be in my own place again, even if that means paying rent and more bills. Money will definitely be tight but I'm sure we can do it.

The other awesome and a bit random news I got this morning was from my email. As people who read regularly probably already know, I write book reviews on Goodreads as well as on this blog. I got an email from a self-published Young Adult author who has written a swashbuckling girl dealing with pirates in the 18th century book, and had read some of my reviews on Goodreads and decided that I gave my honest opinion on books. He's trying to get the word out about his book, so he asked me if I would be willing to read and review his book. I think this is so cool and plus I would get a free book! So I will definitely be doing that.

I found this list the other day while on FB and wanted to share it, since it was a great list of classic children's books. I figure I have read at least 31 of them, and probably parts of several more.