Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last couple weeks of class

I am currently down to my last 2 weeks of class, and this has been one long semester. My group poster presentation was yesterday and it went really well, and people seemed to like our idea for establishing K-12 information literacy training in public schools with collaboration with public and academic libraries. I've turned in the paper, poster and abstract for the group so as far as I'm concerned we are done with that class. I turned in my final paper for my internship describing what I did and what I learned on Tuesday as well. I've not heard back from my adviser about my portfolio now for about 15 days, so I am assuming it looks good. Might email student services just to check. Now I have to concentrate on my Research class as I need to write my research proposal and associated papers before Dec 13. My concentration has just been totally shot lately so I am planning on doing it tomorrow after my doctor's appointment, and just go to the library.

Today is the first day of December and we've not put up the tree yet, probably will do soon. It's finally feeling like winter as today was a high of 55 degrees F with a lot of wind, which I had to go out and experience as the pest control people were spraying my apartment and I didn't want the pooch to ingest the gel they were using. Only about 3 weeks till we are going to Arizona again to visit my parents for Christmas, and I am very excited!

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