Monday, January 10, 2011

First post of the year!

Ok not sure that I will be carrying on traditions I started last fall through this year, but we'll see. It is only the 10th day of the year so plenty of time to decide. I wanted something interesting to comment on before I posted. We got home from Arizona on Wednesday and it was freezing. I picked up 3 books from the library, plus a cookbook The Gourmet Cookie Book, so that ought to keep me busy for a bit. I've finished the first book, Mary Hoffman's Stravaganza: City of Ships, the fifth book in the series and it looks like there will be at least a sixth book after that. I'm still reading Chronicles of Narnia, and am on Prince Caspian, which is my second favorite book in the series so far after The Magician's Nephew. That book is currently on the back burner (as I own it) while I get some books I've been trying to read for several months out of the way. I also just finished Cassandra Clare's The Clockwork Angel: The Infernal Devices Book 1 and I have to go pick up another cookbook from the library tomorrow. 

Last night and today it has snowed/sleeted 4 inches, an unheard of amount for South Carolina, and I am off work/stuck in the house again as a result. It wasn't all bad though, as I did get to catch up on my sleep/reading, which has been nice. The only book I have left to read from the library is a biography on Augustus, which seemed fitting given I watched both seasons of HBO's Rome and was fascinated by Octavian's role in it all. For those not up on Roman history, Octavian was the adopted son of Julius Caesar and was actually his great nephew. He later went on to become Augustus, the first Roman emperor. I have read a book on his later life, in I, Claudius but not on his early start before he became emperor, which seems to be fascinating. 

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