Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cool Children/Teen Websites

I was browsing through the Guardian's website (British newspaper) as they had an article on libraries and found their children's book website and thought it looked pretty cool. Here is the link. It includes quizzes, top 10 booklists from famous children/teen authors, pictures/videos, reader reviews, hot books out now, author interviews, and links to books for kids age 1-16. I browsed though a couple parts such as the quizzes and booklists and thought it was a really well done site, so I thought I'd share. A lot of my favorite books are by British authors, so this is a cool site for keeping up with new and upcoming authors. I especially liked this post, about the Redwall animal fantasy series by Brian Jacques. The teen book Guardian website is here, and is very similar in format to the children's website. The only downside is you can't enter the free book giveaways unless you are from that particular age group and live in the UK, but there are plenty of book giveaways on sites like Goodreads that can satisy that need. 

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