Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Injustices done while finding work

I, like a good chunk of the population, will be out of work as of mid-August. Granted I have been looking for jobs while I did have a job, but now that has been stepped up tremendously. I have been doing half of my search here in South Carolina and half in Arizona area. So far the best I've gotten is a chance to take some tests and a first-stage interview for a full time job, which I'm hoping I can get, but I have to go through another round of tests before I'm deemed worthy. And that job isn't even in my field.

The sad thing is most of my dream jobs require a Master's degree. And even though I am literally 4 1/2 months away from getting it, no one wants to take an interest in me. But neither can I get a library job requiring only a high school diploma or a Bachelor's degree (both of which I have). Where is the fairness in that? I have applied to both local county libraries a total of about 15 times each and no job offers, and I'm interning at one of them. I'm in library school, I'm getting a Masters and still I can't get a part time job in a library?!? It is uber-frustrating.

Even more so when I can't get a simple admin job (for which I have 3+ yrs experience) or a lesser job because I have too much education (yes, I even got rejected from Wal-Mart at one of my lowest points a few years ago). I'm just hoping at this point that I can either get a full time job in Arizona and move there and then try my luck at finding a job in libraries once I'm living there. I don't want this to be a repeat of my attempt to find work in the UK five years ago, when I eventually learned that I couldn't get a job there despite getting a degree there because I wasn't British or European Union.

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