Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's finally autumn...

It is officially autumn here in South Carolina, as the temperature has dropped into the the 60s and the leaves are changing and falling off the trees. I love it, though it also makes me feel old. I wake up all creaky and feeling like death warmed over, and this morning I definitely need my cup of tea as I'm completely congested. Good old PG Tips, English tea which originally my husband insisted on getting and now doesn't drink because it upsets his tummy. This is fine, leaves more for me to drink. Now that it is cold outside, I can drink tea on a regular basis. I mean yes, I love me some iced sweet tea, and I will drink that on occasion when we go out to eat. It's funny that my husband will drink hot tea but refuses to drink sweet tea, but then again the same thing goes for anything other than hot coffee. He will only drink it hot, but not iced or any other coffee-flavored thing. Autumn makes me want to bake bread and other baked goods. That and sleep a lot, buried deep in our super fluffy winter blanket.

I have so much work to get done before the end of the semester, basically 5 1/2 weeks away. I have a Reference paper due next Tuesday and I need to further summarize articles I gathered for Assignment 5 for that class. The biggest thing is that I have my portfolio due on November 15, which is basically my thesis for the Master's degree, which I need to get started on and start picking papers. I think I will tackle that this weekend. Oh yeah, and there's my research proposal for my Research class, which I finally got my articles for so I can start on that, as well as keeping up with the reading/lessons for the class. So needless to say I need to get started now, so I'm done with this post. 

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