Monday, November 22, 2010

Last 20 episodes and a new series

I am on the last 20 episodes of the Inuyasha (not counting the Final Act series episodes) and can I just say how frustrating it is!!?!  They've brought back Kikyo again, after "killing" her off like 30 episodes ago by the main villain Naraku, but now her spirit is back. As annoying as Inuyasha can be at times, I do believe that he is meant to be with Kagome, which is freaking hard when his ex semi-dead girlfriend keeps popping up. This time, Kagome had the choice about whether or not to save Kikyo and she did it without hesitation, though afterwards, Kikyo bolted and didn't wait for Inuyasha to show up. Then the fact that Inuyasha didn't go after her says something as every other time she's been injured, he follows her. 

That all being said, the ending of the series was crap. Nothing was resolved, including the main villain and all his associates still being alive and Inuyasha/Kagome relationship being same old same old. Now they have made a 26 episode series called Inuyasha: The Final Act, which has already been released in 2010 in Japanese with English subtitles. However, I find my comprehension and distraction level is way higher when watching the Japanese version, so I'm waiting till they release the dubbed version, which should be soonish (hopefully by 2011) as they've already gotten most of the old cast together (minus the voices for Sesshomaru and Kagome). I would like to watch the movies too, though those might have to wait awhile. 

In the meantime, I think I might start watching a new series called Kekkaishi, a series I actually know about as I've read the first 4 or so mangas, and I must say that so far they've done a good job. I really like the manga and the author, Yellow Tanabe. Here is a summary of the storyline.

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