Sunday, March 13, 2011

My two latest obsessions

So lately I have been rather bored and started searching for new shows to watch since the last show I started watching on Hulu was Mercy, which only lasted 22 episodes and just as it got all cliffhanging, I found out that they had canceled it. I had heard from several friends that they liked Bones, and since I tend to like true-crime shows, I thought I would give it a whirl. Now I'm totally addicted. I started watching it last weekend and am already on the third season of 6. Thankfully Netflix has it on the online queue for free, so I've been watching it there. It's just so nice to find an intelligent woman with an interesting job that I'd actually consider doing, provided I had unlimited resources of course (even less jobs out there for forensic anthropologists than there are for children's librarians, which I know as I have friends who are cultural anthropologists). I wasn't really a fan of David Boreanaz, but the more I see of him acting as Booth, the FBI agent, the more I like him. I also love the other cast members, the incredibly social awkward guy who's really good at his job and super smart, the smart sexy female coroner, the beautiful artist girl with a past, and the insanely rich bug and dirt guy who just wants a normal life. And even though the show has given me a few nightmares, especially after watching 3 or more episodes in a row, I am still fascinated by it. 

The other thing I've been obsessed about, and part of the reason I can't sleep (the other being my hips hurt like crap and are all out of alignment due to my current state of pregnancy and being unable to sleep on my back) is Dragon Age II. Originally when my hubby and I played the demo, I was impressed with it, but didn't really care when we got it. My hubby decided to preorder it and we got it by Thursday, and I've been playing it ever since. The storyline just sucks you in from the beginning, well after you make it Kirkwall (your future home) anyways.  This one is following a similar timeline to the Dragon Age: Origins (the first game in the series) but in a totally different location and with different characters for the most part. The romance aspect of it is very intriguing as all the people you have the option of starting something with are damaged in major ways, so it is interesting to see which one you choose and why. The storyline so far is a bit depressing, but fascinating because it is all told from the viewpoint of a dwarf who is in the company of "the Champion" from the beginning, as he is being interrogated. So I am very interested to see where the storyline eventually ends up. I haven't gotten this into a game since Origins came out. 

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  1. Hi R!! Hopped over from FB. I laughed at the Bones summary. I never like DB either until his character there. And although I can handle being puked on, I can't manage to eat anything and watch that show at the same time.
    Your pal,
    - WheresMyScannerAndMyCoffee?