Friday, August 27, 2010

Health Problems and School

I want to be on this blog more this week, but I just started back school and it's keeping me supremely busy. I'm taking the three classes including the internship, which has just decided to become a whole lot more work, so I have to be really good about balancing my time (haven't mastered that yet). Add on the fact that yesterday I officially discovered that I have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in my hand and arms and things get really fun. I've noticed the pain for over a month. I'd had it on and off, like every six months or so previously. It came once for a very long time on July 17th when I was at the Charleston-Bolton game, though I couldn't figure out why, only that it kept me up all night and only heat seemed to make the pain go away for a bit. It started coming about twice a week after that and then last night, I had it all night again. As I am typing my left hand is starting to hurt again. I went to the student clinic last night to check out the problem and that's what the doctor diagnosed and then she got me to do three blood tests (including one for Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I am really scared of getting as it runs in the family). This involved taking two vials of blood from the top of my right hand, and they had to take it this way becauseI have tiny veins which they can never find at my elbow joint. Using a needle on the top of my hand hurt a lot and I nearly passed out twice. So I have to go back in a week and then again in two weeks. Fun, fun all the way around. And I have to start wearing an arm brace on my right hand all day, which takes getting used to, as I am right-handed and it pretty much puts me out of commission.

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