Monday, August 16, 2010

Opening Game of the Season!

Sunday was Liverpool's first game of the season and as my husband said "It's feels like Christmas because you get a new season to open and enjoy!" They were playing Arsenal and it was a good game to watch, especially since we were in the Cock & Bull Pub for the first time since April, and surrounded by a roomful of fellow fans. We were at their new location and the owner Rod was showing us around and telling us all about how he plans to improve it and the new menu, which will feature a lot of curry and Shephard's Pie! Hurray!

Anyways, one of our new players Joe Cole, got thrown out in the first half for a totally crap call. The other team had been pulling similar moves before that and they didn't get thrown out. So we were down to 10 men, and yet we still scored! Unfortunately they did too, by an accident with our goalie Reina. That's okay Reina, as I pointed out to my hubby, without you last season would've totally blown as you saved our butts so many times. And he is why whenever I get a Liverpool shirt, I want one with Reina on the back (bonus that he's a cutie!).

The photo below is from last year I believe but I love it because it shows my second favorite player Fernando Torres (also from Spain like Reina and played on the Spanish National Team during the World Cup) and his daughter.

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