Monday, September 6, 2010

The Yuca Diaries

This week's blog highlight is The Yuca Diaries,, which I discovered last week. The author is a Cuban-American who loves to cook. I love her description about the duality of the blog: "When I dream, it sometimes happens in English and sometimes in Spanish. This principle of duality holds true in my waking life which I hope to share here with you via my recipes, writing, photographs, and any other medium I think up on a whim." Plus she just has some great recipes for traditional Latin fare like Tres Leches, which is her current post, to other Cuban recipes like Fufu de Platano (which I hadn't heard of before, but looks delicious). She also has yummy recipes for Brisket and Butter Chicken. All in all a website I plan on keeping my eye on in the future.

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