Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 18 and 19

I discovered this artist from a fellow librarian/ex alum of USC as he enjoyed them and kept posting when Pogo posted a new video. I got into them and soon I was browsing through his stuff, picking out what else I liked. He makes his music using snippets of sounds from predominantly movies, such as Snow White and Lord of the Rings, and this is one of his more recent songs that I really like. 

Day 18: A song I wish I'd heard on the radio - Pogo - Joburg Jam

I discovered this artist about a year ago, after my hubby introduced him to me. Tim Minchin is an Aussie based in London, a fantastic piano player, and also happens to be a hilarious comedic singer as well. Ok I will admit that while most of his stuff is hilarious, if you offend easy, please don't listen because you will be offended. I personally think he is brilliant and I would love to see him perform live. This is technically a beat poem with music, but figured I could include it. 

Day 19: A song from my favorite album - Tim Minchin - Mitsubishi Colt

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