Monday, April 25, 2011

Days 20-22

This weekend has again been busy and I've neglected the blog. We finally managed to pick up a ton of boxes this weekend and have begin the gigantic task of packing our apartment, though I don't think it'll really pick up until this weekend. I've managed to get some of the "things I need to get done before we move" actually done, like canceling services now that we have a move date finally. So this will be my last week in South Carolina and I have kind of mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I am glad to be going someplace new and different and having the chance to start over. On the other hand, that prospects frightens me a little bit. This is a huge move, the furthest I've ever gone. My only comparable move was from Alabama to Virginia, but this one is further away. Anyways, on to the song selections...

While I don't understand all of the references in the song, I still find this song pretty funny, especially the last line. So yeah when I'm pissed off, this song makes me laugh.

Day 20: A song that I listen to when I'm angry - Tim Minchin - Some People Have It Worse Than I

I discovered this song a few months ago and fell in love with it. It's great for days when it's sunny and beautiful outside, basically the entire summer. It's just a feel good song. The video that is with it is not the original, but it goes along with it. 

Day 21: A song that I listen to when I'm happy - The Eels - God Damn Right, It's a Beautiful Day 

This song makes me laugh when I'm upset because I can relate to it. The song is about a guy who has been having a tough time of it and his friends are trying to cheer him up. Since I've been spending a lot of time at my apartment with just me and the dog, it makes double sense. (Warning: minimal amount of cursing)

Day 22: A song that I listen to when I'm sad - Avenue Q Soundtrack - There Is Life Outside Your Apartment 

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