Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cute Liverpool video

So as I have explained in past blog posts, I am a Liverpool football fan. That's soccer for Americans, football to the rest of the world. This season has been painful to watch given our repeated losses, but still a fan, despite what my hubby says to the contrary. The club is in the middle of a bidding war for ownership of the club and an epic court battle, which will decide whether the club will be bankrupt and the players sold off for cash or can be sold to better owners who actually care about it (Current owners Hicks and Gillette are making me ashamed to be American), and will get rid of the debt and pump fresh new money into the club. So I'm waiting on news of that later on today. Anyways, I'm a part of Liverpool FB fans and they posted this cute video of primary/elementary school kids asking the captain of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard, random questions. Their facial expressions are so adorable, even when they look spacey and forget the questions (which is frequently)! The video is pretty long, about 21 minutes, but also features goals by Stevie G (as he is affectionately called by the fans), Fernando Torres, and John Barnes, as well as a nice goal save by my favorite Pepe Reina (who is apparently also the strongest guy on the team).

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