Friday, October 22, 2010

LOTR online update and football news

I am addicted to LOTR online. There I've said it, and admitting it is the first step. I played it for like 8 hours yesterday. It's cool now because I deleted my minstrel character and created an even harder character, a Lore Master (female elf). She's basically a wizard that can summon an animal companion to help her fight, which is great because she has low health and dies easily. But I've got her up to level 15 or 16 in two days, which is pretty awesome, and she finally joined the kinship that my other two characters are part of. I like her bear companion as he is less annoying than the earlier raven, even though the raven had some cool protection. I had wanted to create a female hobbit character, but they're mostly fighters, so maybe next time if I buy another slot. My other characters, the human female guardian and the elf female champion are finally getting some more play. I was able to start the Lone Lands quests (a separate set that you either have to buy with cash or Turbine Points from the LOTR online store) finally after getting enough TP, so that gives me 100 extra quests to do. I think I will buy North Downs and then Rivendell when I finish Lone Lands. I am loving the Lone Lands quests so far because it helps level up my guardian character, who is my favorite because she is easy to use, so she can do the upper level  Book 2 epic storyline quests.
I know most people will have no idea what I am talking about as they don't play the game, but it is basically like this: When you start playing the game, there is a limited amount of areas you can play in. You can basically play for free in Erid Luin (home of dwarves and elves), The Shire, or the Breelands. You can do epic storyline or craft quests in other areas, such as Lone Lands or North Downs, but you can't participate in solo quests there unless you buy quests in that particular area or you are a subscriber for $15 a month. So as I am broke and can't afford any extra monthly expenses, at least until I get a job, I am paying for things through Turbine Points (TP) or through occasional $7 purchases through the store, which is how I got my third character slot (as everyone starts out with two in the free-to-play game).

Moving on to football news, which is more realistic than all this role-playing fantasy gaming. So the two big news items of the last couple of weeks are Liverpool and Wayne Rooney. Liverpool was bought by New England Sports Ventures (NESV), the company that owns the Boston Red Sox. My hubby and I are hoping that they will do an equally good job revitalizing Liverpool as they did with the Red Sox. The other big news is that Wayne Rooney (aka Shrek - not my nickname btw) of Manchester United fame has decided he wants to leave the club and go elsewhere. Now personally I think he is overrated (I think there are better strikers out there and ones with much less attitude) and I find it interesting that this happens right after he has been caught with a prostitute while his wife was pregnant (which I think makes him the lowest of the low). He of course says it is because Man U can no longer "attract top quality players", and I'm sure it is a shock to everyone that he's leaving since he's been there since Sept 2004 and has always praised the club.

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