Sunday, October 3, 2010


I found this random video the other day when I was browsing videos on YouTube and playing stuff from my favorites to listen to while I worked. My music on YouTube are mostly Glee songs and a couple of random Hip-Hop songs thrown in, and I usually listen to Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble because I love the way he sings and he's dreamy. Anyways, I thought the video was funny because I am a Geek and Gamer Girl, especially now that I like LOTR online obsessively and comics/graphic novels/manga.

Ooh the other random thing I found on YouTube on Friday was the new Eminem video Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna (weird combo right?). It was random not because of his co-singer but because his music video, which was surprise surprise again about Eminem and his ex-wife, but starred Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox. Most people know who Megan Fox is (aka busty chick from Transformers 1 & 2). Dominic played Merry in the LOTR trilogy and was also the druggie in ABC's Lost. And I love him, mostly for LOTR and a bit from Lost. But the thing that distracted me in the video was how hot he was, not the song that Eminem and Rihanna were trying so hard to sing.

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