Friday, October 15, 2010

Interview and other stuff

Well I'm here in Arizona just hanging out after my job interview on Thursday in Flagstaff. I think it went pretty well and there wasn't that sense of dread like after my last interview. The questions weren't too hard and I got to actually go on the bookmobile and check it out. I think it will take a bit of time of get used to driving such a big bus, but I pretty confident that I will get the hang of it. My hubby was all mad that he didn't get to come with me and said it wasn't fair that I was getting "a four day vacation" when he didn't get one. I know he's been working really hard and know he needs a break too. Unfortunately we just couldn't afford it, especially as we had just recently bought tickets to come here for two weeks at Christmas. But it is nice to just be someplace else for a couple days. I really like it here and sincerely hope that I get the job, even if that means we would be moving across country in a very short period of time.

Yesterday we stopped at this place I've seen a couple times from Hwy 17 and though "Oh, they have pie, I should stop some time." Apparently Rock Springs Cafe is famous for its pie and they have a right to be because it was damn good pie. We got blackberry. I would love to try their other flavors but they are a bit pricey. Today my dad and I went to see the movie Red starring Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and Mary Louise Parker. I must admit, I've never really watched the Die Hard movies, although I did like Mr. Willis in The Fifth Element, but he was really hot in this movie (him and Keith Urban, aka Eomer from LOTR). I would've liked to have been a dark alley with those two, lol. Anyways, the movie was about these retired ex-CIA agents that are being hunted but they don't know why, so they spend the whole movie figuring it out. But it had humor and witty dialogue for the ladies and massive explosions/heavy firepower for the guys. Plus it had Helen Mirren shooting a machine gun on a tripod and my favorite part where she knocks out a guy with her clutch handbag in a dress and heels. Highly recommended movie! Then I got to go to Wienerschnitzel for mini corn dogs and a root beer float, so all in all a good day so far.

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