Friday, October 29, 2010

Football news and *Love the Liberry*

So apparently Wayne Rooney is not leaving Man U and just signed a brand new more money contract. Guess we can't get rid of him that easy. The rumor this week is that coach of Man U Sir Alec Ferguson (aka Fergie) wants to snatch up my favorite Liverpool player, phenomenal goalie Pepe Reina, after he's supposedly upset with the way coach Roy Hodgeson is running things. I hope that is totally incorrect as I would be rather ticked if he left! Luckily, I'm pretty sure it is not true as one of the new owners, John Henry, has personally come out to say that people should stop spreading malicious rumors. Go NESV!

Since I did not feature a blog this week, I figured I would now. I was browsing the librarians' blog Love the Liberry and cracking up at the patron's antics. It is done by three librarians, ast least one being a reference librarian. I  love the subheading of the blog: "Stranger than Fiction...We Couldn't Possibly Make These Things Up." Some of my favs so far include the Spelling post on Oct 20, Prescription for Disaster on Oct 13, and Can't Fool Us on Oct 10.

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