Saturday, October 9, 2010

School and General Life Craziness

October seems to be the beginning of the school and general life craziness for me. My school/personal calendar is jam-packed full of stuff and it's only the 9th of the month. I keep scheduling myself for volunteering and then finding cool things that are going on, or some other reason why I can't participate, and then having to cancel. Like for example next weekend, where I signed myself to volunteer helping with computer classes at the library but then I found out they were doing a state literacy summit for five hours that day (which frankly sounded much better) and so I signed up for that, only realizing afterwards that I had a previous engagement. I keep trying to do too much and then regretting it. Like Wednesday, I volunteered in the morning for Let's Speak English, my weekly gig where I converse with internationals learning to speak English and help them improve their English, then I followed it up with 1 1/2 hours of individual help with one of the internationals from LSE as he is taking the TOEFL at the end of the month and needs speaking help, then I went straight into volunteering for cataloging. Normally, I could probably do it, but with very little breakfast and sleep the night before, plus no lunch, I was dragging by 3:15pm and had to go home early. Once I relaxed and got some food I was fine. So I told the international that we were going to have to reschedule his extra help before LSE, as I was feeling overwhelmed, and planned on making the cataloging volunteering a regular thing. I got news yesterday that I may have a job interview in AZ next week, the problem is getting there, but I'm working on that. So that too is on my mind, along with the fact that I'm forever behind in my classes, something I'm hoping I can remedy over Fall Break, which is Thurs-Wed. Oh and we have a group paper topic due on Tuesday that we've not nailed down (to be done Sunday), I have a Doctor's appointment on Monday, and a different project for the same class due the following Tues. Oh and I'm trying to go to my grandparent's house Oct 21-24. Feeling the pressure yet? I am, lol.

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